Saturday, June 21, 2008

The Black Bear And Others.

You know how I put a poll on: 'Do you think black bears should be killed?'. Well this post is about it. Black bears are being killed by farmers, logging, pollution, road kill and lots of other horrible things. My school (Alstonville Public) is doing a reserch project on an endangered animal. We had to do an artwork, and write a page or two about the animal. I decided to do the black bear. My friend decided to do the orangatang and just before she moved the other was going to do the wolf. I think that killing animals is wrong, and there has to be another way to get animals to size down.

Friday, June 20, 2008


How cute is this?! This picture is with me, yarrow, and our cat, Malouf, when he was a couple of weeks old. He was dumped, and we ended with him!! He is now nearly 2 years old, he still is soooo cute, but sooo evil!!

Name That Animal

Name That animal!
What is this animal? I am not sure if it is strange but i have no clue what it is really called! Someone help!

Welcome World!

Hello! My name is Yarrow. I will be using this blog to post my pictures, share my experiences and give you an idea of me. The picture above is me and my sister, tess, at a friends place, sitting in their not-made-yet windows (I am on the right). That was when I was about 9-10. I hope you enjoy the blog!